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   Firebot is a fire pump calculator that assists a fire apparatus operator (FAO) in determining the pump discharge pressure (PDP) in fire engines.  The combination of friction loss and change in elevation is the pump discharge pressure. The application takes into account hose diameter, length, nozzle type, elevation, and gallons per minute and gives you the PDP so that you can adjust it to provide the correct pressure at the nozzle.  

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Firebot provides calculation in standard measurment, the metric system will be supported soon.

The scenario:

You (the FAO) arrive on scene of a working fire, and your crew pulls an 1 and ¾ pre-connect  with an automatic fog nozzle off the rig.  It’s a two story building and they have 200 feet of hose on the ground attacking the fire on the ground level. 

With Firebot you can calculate the exact pump discharge pressure you need to get the correct pressure.

1.       Select FOG.

2.       Select the GPM which we use 95 gpm on our automatic’s per the Dept. SOPs.

3.       Check the Hose size of 1 3/4in.

4.       Find the hose length of 200ft.

5.       Leave the elevation 0ft in this situation.

6.   Use 0 Appliances here.

6.       Hit Calculate.


That’s it.  In less than 15 seconds you can see the formula PDP = (NP:100.0) + (FL: 27.98) + (EP: 0) is 127.98.  so if you make your pump discharge at about 130 you can compensate for the 200 feet of 1 ¾ line and give your crew the pressure you need with no guess work.

You can select menu and then choose show math to see the calculations.



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Ver 1.01 is out with a minor bug fix.  The next version will increase GPM up to 1000 and add a "save defaults" option.

Field tests have been done and Ver. 1 should be out in the market place early October 2010. 

Firebot beta is out as of 3-09-2009, we are currently in the QA stage.

The project is active, and the beta should be out 2-22-2010

This is the future home for "Firebot" currently under development.  12-18-2009

Disclaimer - Firebot is indended for educational use only.

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